Get Up



He held me down with chains of manipulation, counterfeit happiness that was actually an abyss of real heartache and pain.  But God exposes the ruler of darkness by breaking those ensnaring chains. I’ve been set free by the almighty King, and he’s the only antidote able to set captives free.

You like doing what you used to do in days passed. I see what the problem is; the veil of deception has you trapped in a dimension in which I was once trapped. It’s inconceivable to physically see; it’s a spiritual battle that wages against you and me. The person behind it all is playing tricks on you, just like he used to trick me. His schemes, plots and ploys have distorted your sight. This is why you can’t allow any positive thinking to invigorate you inside.
You won’t let others change, and it’s because it’s a reflection of how he has made you view yourself inwardly.   Your mind is stuck on listening to society’s echoing screams, “Change! You are unworthy of such a thing.” Society . . . yes. That’s his greatest manipulation tool. He’s even using some Christians to play you for the fool.
“Change! Ha! That’s not possible,” says the voice of lies. It says, “Have you looked at your past, it’s too LIFELESS TO BE REVIVED.” It’s not just you; there are a lot of people who are disintegrating, and they’re slowly dying inside believing such lies. Loud voices say you aren’t good enough because of your upbringing, skin tone and addictions you hide. He taunts you about what you’ve been through in your life. “Molested? Yea, don’t tell anyone; that’s dark and you’ll be judged. As if the inner torment from the lies wasn’t enough. I’m here to tell you, even through the times you’d rather die, My God can defeat the devil and says you’re beautiful inside. HIS WHISPERS REPEAT, “NO MATTER WHAT . . . YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE.”
“The filth and unpleasant things you’ve done and been through can be washed off and healed just follow me and ignore the devil who hopes to kill you.” I had to make a decision to get up and RISE . . . past shames are being cleansed inside out by the grace I found in Jesus Christ. He said, “Rise up out of that pit of mess. I have so much more to give you, and it’s not counterfeit. Get up and RISE, and put me to the test. I won’t fail you; I have a track record of unbroken promises.


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