Queen of Your Heart


IMG_9890Look at her wear that crown; she wears it high with pride. No, it didn’t come easily. She was once lost and broken inside. Her heart has been trampled all over; it’s been ripped completely out of her chest. Even worst, it was left untreated to the point where she was near death. Different men told her they loved her, but they always left. Understand, they never left right away. They took their time with putting her through pain and watching her decay. They explored her intelligence for their own self-gain; some didn’t do it purposely. They just didn’t know how to protect and cherish her royal name. They took her body . . . pleasing her in ways beyond belief, but that’s all they wanted, never taking time to delve deep. Intellectually and physically, she’d float on cloud nine until she was left for the umpteenth time. Every time she’d meet someone new, she’d say, “This is the one God. I know he’s given from you.” Desperate for love, falling quick and so fast, she fell for his charm putting her sense of worth last. She endured more heartache and repeated pain thinking she was the problem, so she kept the blame. Men have abused her and continued to use her. She settled for the guys who showed their interest, but they had no intended commitment. After a while, they wouldn’t pursue her; she was the pursuer. She did everything in her power to make them stay, settling for things she once thought she never would. She overlooked the bad qualities focused on the good, blind to the fact there were more bad than good.  When they would say, “Let’s take it slow,” it made her feel all warm inside. But what it meant to them was, “I want all you have to offer, but we will not have any public ties.” One day this Queen woke up and realized, she was tired of the same ole games and lies. She looked in the mirror with a torn and unrecognizable heart, she vowed, “I will play the Queen of Hearts.” She said, “I don’t feel like royalty, but I was told I am, so I’m going to walk in my God given name. You know, the Queen he said I am. I have to take back all I’ve lost. I’m the Queen of my heart, and I’ve left my throne unattended and my crown in the dust.” Queens, you must learn to play your part. There will be days you don’t feel like you deserve such a prestigious name because you may think less of yourself for various reasons. But listen my Queens, when you’re born into royalty, the blood runs through your veins. There’s nothing you can do to change that. So put your crown on, and sit high upon that throne. Guard your heart so no one else can taint and strip away all that you own. It’s precious and sacred; it’s what you need to live for the rest of your days. You are the Queen of your Heart. I’m begging you to take control and be the Queen you were born to be from the start.


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