IMG_9193Pleasant smile, enticing physique -he takes notice of you during the moments you feel most weak. Long talks about life and him opening up to you make you not even think twice about if what he is saying is true; it all just sounds nice to you. Yearning for love and acceptance, you let him in. But you’ve been here before, so you try guarding yourself. You’re unable to win. Laughter fills the air, and jokes are non-stop. The little time you spend together has you trapped. Things between you two have gotten a little wild, and oh do you love it! It’s what killed your senses and style. You don’t even realize that you’re entangled in his repeated lies. He’s telling you everything you want to hear, but his actions are loud and clear. TIME … no you don’t get that because he knows no matter what, he can still hit that. You’re so entangled in what you want him to be to you that your heart’s being pierced, and it’s bleeding and turning black and blue. Entangled in him, you can’t seem to get  past how bad you want him; you think if you just keep loving him, he will turn into your personal McLovin. Wake up please. I beg of you. You need your heart to love someone that can truly love you. Entagled you are, your inner being is dying slowly inside … ENTANGLED, cut yourself lose. You’re the Queen of your heart, but you’ve become the servant that can no longer play such a prestigious part…


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