Love, heals the Broken



She was in her own world; one in which she dreamed big and enjoyed life without many cares. Onlookers described her as wild and free. While her friends sought to be loved, she sought to love herself. “Boys, what can they do for me?” she repeated often. Time passed, and she began to grow up and desire the very love she vowed she didn’t need. She wanted her happily ever after, fairy tale love. She reasoned, “That’s what I’ve seen on TV; it’s what everyone else wants, so it must be real.” Soon she happens upon an attractive young man who expresses how taken he is by her beauty. He makes her speechless, so she can’t help but to let him in. With ease, she falls deeply for this man who shows nothing but attention. In time, he orchestrates a night of passion, initiated by sweet words in her ear of how dear she is to him and how he wants to marry her. He omits the fact that he wasn’t planning to stick around. Days and weeks pass, and their interactions lessen. After a couple more nightcaps, she craves the attention he gave in the beginning, but he announces that he’s found someone new, so she should move on. Depressed and broken with nowhere to turn, she’s now facing the big love day alone.

While some celebrate Valentine’s Day with a significant other, all googly eyed and in a daze, others endure painful memories of a love they thought would stay. Yearning for that companion, rekindling what has passed is all they seek. The dejected lover only ends up alone, or in a place where smiles and laughter fill his/her news feed but the death of their love story becomes more real and painful. The pain one faces isn’t always something the world get to see; some do very well at putting on a facade. For this reason, I say take someone by the hand, and let them know they aren’t alone by simply showing a gesture that reminds them that hope for love is not completely gone. The pain one endures could be healed by just a moment of your time, so don’t miss out on the blessing that you can provide. Choose to love others on a day such as this and others like it.


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