“Waiting to blossom”




Have you ever been in a dark place; a place where every second you’re gasping for air, trying to reach for anything that’s in arms length to save you? You cautiously say to yourself, “Things can’t get any worse”, knowing inside they actually could, so you attempt to stray away from such thinking. You’re in a constant battle with your mind saying it’s going to get to better, while in real time you’re only seeing it get worse. Your internal thoughts continue running rampant leading you to a directionless place. You feel as though your life has some type of meaning, but those thoughts are quickly fading away; the hope you once had is nearly gone. I’ve been there before. I’ve been there quite a few times. My world was tumbling down, and I couldn’t stop it. It’s as if you’re dying alive. You know how you’re consciously there, but the inside of you is deteriorating? Even in the darkest and saddest places, there’s a hope that can be reborn.  My boyfriend asked me the other day, “Ever wonder why we bring flowers to a grave sight? We don’t bring them for our loved ones do we?” That really made me think. Why do we do it? I know you may be saying it’s in remembrance of them, but does that actually make sense when you think of it logically? I believe it actually brings us a sense of hope, an unexplainable hope. I say that to say, many things in life we encounter don’t make sense. I believe it’s not always supposed to, to us. That dark place you feel completely helpless in has hope that’s waiting to blossom.


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